Bantu Rejex (a half century album)

by Lesego Rampolokeng & the Kalahari Surfers

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Suryaa ( Mike )
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Suryaa ( Mike ) The Rhythm Of The Poetry......
The Poetry Of The Rhythm Favorite track: Blue V's.
John Mullen
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John Mullen Beautiful, smooth, dark and powerful.
Favorite track: Coming Off the Blue Train.


new stuff, remixes and recaps. some of the great work revealed previously buried under Surfers obscurities


released June 9, 2017


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Kalahari Surfers South Africa

Warrick Sony is a South African composer, producer, musician and sound designer.
He is the founder and sole permanent member of the Kalahari Surfers. They made politically radical satirical music in 1980s South Africa.

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Track Name: Coming Off the Blue Train
coming off the blue train

the) judas-finger that pointed was prosthetic
in a velvet glove
(takes tablet-twos the marked & the informant
loam-joy from home boy)
contempt for the bought stump-prompted
comptroller-programmed to jump/hump on auto-cue
consult & get insulated (together we are con-voluted)
unilateral is despotic,comrade’
smut weapons wild shame suffering
came in sand stuck urethral in viagra bonds
bent boys & girls meat hooked on choppers
angels in bondage humility clouds
prayers sent out into polluted space to
junkie-gods on the nod
junkie-gods on the nod
junkie-gods on the nod
mister spirits methylated
in ethical combat with arterial puke
went contravenous against
the vein- coming off the blue train
coming off the blue train
loam-joy from home boy
against the vein
coming off the blue train
Track Name: Supernatural Disaster
SUPERNATURAL DISASTER words: Lesego Rampolokeng

supernatural disaster

the vile powers ascendancy

equate the mortal dusts rise

thought assassin

violate dream

sense ravage

word disintegrates to zero sound

mutant farmyard activities

supernatural disaster

decimation shift

towards the psychotic saviour

guilt super policy dictate

grim reap to reparate

horror scream

transmute to air

silence/expiration WORD state ACT

word disintegrates to zero sound

mutant farmyard activities

supernatural disaster

cast across dream borders

devil forces order screams

dawn pen hand solid rise & stand

sandy horizons' lies bend

thunder wind broken

sick mind token

under slick behind

tongue flips dung sermon

time is birth-breathe death-scam con-mans wreath

earth scorches nothing black torched season tacked

fifth line mark great white black dog sharks

darknight bog-fuck barks declare love

no nuclear weapon carve heart or

hate mutilate ART positivity in fart wake

word disintegrates to zero sound

mutant farmyard activities

supernatural disaster

in a chicken shack plucked

where so many tears fell
Track Name: Bantu Rejex

Book spines break
another fire over Rostock
traffic signs on the road to destiny
green the uniform in their humanity’s expression
so we’re bending to dog position
until they brainwash when they cum
beasts in suit-and-tie disguise
programmed to burning tree klannishness
rhythm-soul enslavement
The dead the maggots forgot
Goners among the fawners
Write to the beat of the anaesthetic
Generation of the apathetic
Who will incite the yawners?
Value is gauged by pedigree…

another fire over Rostock
anger in a tin can

obscene Silicone wrath
The palace’s synthetic message
The rape of celebrity worship
Names written in neon-semen
stuffed animals on a spirit-quest
tongues twisted in sick-speak
like the Lindela mystic sees life as economics
& the foreign label attracts profiteer tics
descend from the skies of class…to suck
take unemployment lines and pass them off as verse
Soon we hear the padda kwaak dressed up in Prada
where & whom you’re from determines your fashion& form
cry the Immaculate Conception babies
Sting in the male & the bite in the female
soft as the eyes of annihilators
show your stealth certificate
from the page the stage(that’s rhyme basic as a louse…
Or just human rights)
They kiss it, on their knees at the feet of the Emperor
& his entourage.
Track Name: Child Soldier
CHILD SOLDIER ( L.Rampolokeng)
We are the inscription invisible on the heroes
locked in cerebral manacles we rattle our brains
unhinged intellects
how do you embalm a phantom?

After the phantom birth a new death is here
in the colours of the brain blow
leader of the revolution is feeder of assimilation
steward on the march to depravation
and we move
out of the gravy and into the stew
it's a short walk to the sewer

the rage turns in
disengage the enemy within
we raise no busts no declaration
no dogma we are dumb-arse-down and out of sight
but the red in the carpet is ours

disengage the enemy within

embalm a phantom
Track Name: In Transition (remix)
In Transition words: L.Rampolokeng
We spin in circles of terror caught in the nightmare of judgement
Where the mirror of the present shows the face of error
Where emotion supercedes reason
In transition
In transition
When the rains come
the fires die yet we are warm
Like lice on the pubis in love time
In transition
We whirl on our stand
Kicking skulls on the soccer field
and from the grandstand applause rings in blood-drops
celebrating the abortion of freedoms child
In transition
In transition
We are mutant legions defining ourselves in noble terms
Flaming placards at cold barricades
Drawing safe lines behind crumbling walls of euphoria
Behind the blades of our own danger
In transition
In transition
Petty bush pigs talking about negotiation table manners
Fuckademics unrolling scrotals of fartastic words
To enlighten the illiterate
Witches in churches passing the collection goal
Fools in schools without mules with whips for stools
And then tools
In transition
In transition
Thus we rush to the future
Unless the wheel of time gets a puncture

(Vocals: Lesego Rampolokeng)
Track Name: Blackness
Blackness and Light (W.Sony/L.Rampolokeng)

My Blackness cuts up the Light / The light cuts up my blackness
The light descends and strikes / To the heart of the night
Dusk around my head / The night
(Voice words- Lesego Rampolokeng)
Track Name: Minority Report
Minority Report (words: W.Sony & Lesego Rampolokeng)
There’s a noise downstairs - Put on your clothes
Somebody is breathing - Standing quite close
There’s a man in the darkness
I can feel his light
Don’t call security - I think it’s all right

“Pull in and pull out
to be born and not to die
with a bullet in the gut and lie and bleed
in the dirt and a cigarette that won’t light
and when it does smoke comes through the throat
‘cos that’s where the blade cut
and a siren in the head
and wait for dawn
knowing your days are gone”

You used to tell me there was nothing to fear
Give me direction - make sure it is clear
We’re always leaving - with nothing but fear
Across the sea - we’ve got a cross to bear
“your days are gone”
“…trying to stop all these guys coming to me.
They’re trying to shoot. Look here. Look here.
They shoot…trying to shoot …here..and other one is here….”
Journalist:”there were many bullets huh?”
Ya .. so many bullets”

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