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    The words on this album are taken from, "Horns for Hondo" (1990) and Talking Rain (1993) published by The Congress of African Writers (COSAW) and written by Lesego Rampolokeng. The Album download Includes original CD artwork notes and booklet as well as 2 unreleased tracks "Johannesburg" and "Blue V's" written during early 1990s as part of a second album which was never finished.

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    original Recommended Records CD release with William Kentridge drawings

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Heavyweight 03:26
they came In the heat of rum to freeze the beat of my drum oh people take note i wasn’t allowed to vote they sang a song sharp as the devil’s prong they spoke in the gun & rifle tone I answered In the language of stone but I’m not david my hand is not turbo - charged thus my blood danced in the sand & fire engulfed the rand but i became a heavyweight in kind started to communicate for I switched onto the bush - channel they ran like rats in a tunnel in their ears my war drum loud as beat after beat I continued to pound now they sing from deep in their lungs while with history’s blood they polish their fangs singing a venomous tune but to that brand of poison I’m immune no one can negotiate when their words amputate I can only dance to the beat of progressive hands no song can move me if its meant to break my knee I rap my lyrics with no help of gimmicks let them come to the dance floor or stay outside the door my words are sacred honey cannot be bought with blood money words from "Horns For Hondo" 1990 COSAW
End Beginnings ( from Horns for Hondo page 95: ) cock crows & owl goes to sleep.. kings sprout where slaves take root.. apocalypse is genesis.. sun a black glob of ice spurts Impotence into earth’s barren womb.. blacks it’s said were oversexed whites eunuch & the issue castrated by virtue of birth.. black gods were dead & archangel gabriel still - born choked by condom.. shake was cannibal & the pope had abortions for supper.. black tits & bum s of a nation of strippers & exhibitionists made Jesus die of masturbation.. nonqauza preached genocide & mary mother of heaven was a prostitute.. it’s said now the end is the beginning africa was so gomorra it died of gonorrhea.. the weakest inherit the earth.. truth is treason now liars rule the world.. __________
Sebokeng Siege (from Talking Rain pg 5) in headbands leadhands the red of murder still the words thunder & roll as they fall in soda-pop of a necklaced eye-ball it's an eyesore words of reform tumbling in a storm from clouds of chloroform the word is the last like it was the first beginning was the word that was J)evt?r heard for the word was god &: god was dead in a 6 &: 9 jesus bled wine made vampires of holy believers still the preachers say there's a heaven up above coming down your way with biblical love a love as sweet as shit that stalks & stinks up the street from the bowels of a christian law the present is a time of war where measuring the time of the tide' s turning gauging the gait of a heart's yearning weighing the wind of a wing's flapping the shattering song is breaking glass in the gloom of the singing of the morning in the evening light in the sight of plight in the smell of death in a dead tent caught in the rant & rave of writhing phantasms in the grave in spasms in god gone berserk in a black on black black attack white lead eats up a head it's the blooming seed of a bleeding night black sunlight in the silhouette of death &: birth ... between the teeth ... of a bullet hot ... in flesh
Tapeworms 04:12
from Horns For Hondo: (Rap 24) tapeworms unto the third world a catastrophe of the christian herald exploitation on crusade disguides as international monetary aid poverty turning countries into nuclear waste dumping grounds pig-feed proferred by oiled capitalist hands death become a figure life a number the third world turned into a death chamber constructed by multi-national architects of ill destroyers of god’s will existence become statistics humans graphs in books of academics believe me dachau lives still in imperialists on the kill milking sovereign countries sharing blood-dripping bounties with governments of rubber stamps puppets moved up & down power ramps in the shadows the masters clean their morals while remote-controlling the morass man has become merchandise sold & bought in pursuit of economics the rape of virgin lands is the gorge of autocratic bands thus taken up with rage man explodes this age but vengence is an inhuman god sacrificial lambing the martyr horde we’ve seen fighters at the start avengers in the end become scavengers animal-farming life’s struggle reducing life’s values to rubble europe put the third reich to ground & raised it in my land cloned to hound the apocalypse is holocaust genocide disguised as christ the corpses sown in german fields like seed sprout in palestine a bad harvest of Israeli weed capitalism has the world on a merry-go-round spinning humanity unmerrily into the ground but the humane quest is god supreme lit symbol of justice in the extreme yesterday’s soweto blood vanished into the ground like water to emerge today as the exploding sweat of pretoria
Treason 04:07
Horns Rap 34: humanity has been hanged for treason when it hammered tyranny to reason I became a bullet fired from a gun in the bush where less is said than done thus I emerge from a rhyme of hunger making the rhythm of anger I remember they dismembered dulcie september without ruth they invested In the death of the truth of ruth first through the fallen leaves of our lives I hear the pilfer patter beat of the hectic heart of hector petersen prophetic after poetic stanza rolled before it was ripped
Dark Explode the Blues (from Horns: Rap 9) the moon is on the wane in the hour of man’s pain as man cuts sugar cane bile flows In his vein axes & heads knives & hearts flashes of the night’s steel as satan rings his till dark explode the blues god blows his fuse no longer is he a mystery hiding in his laboratory unseen even by microscope or seen only at the bioscope he now walks the earth baptising It in a bloodbath planting seeds of babylon humanity razes them with the fire of frantz fanon the god of death has chosen this nation guns sing lullabies to children war is god to prophets of homicide but a tool in my hands i wield with pride the anger I unleash profiteers won’t publish my struggle is not for sale soul-selling can only derail the train of truth from the path of faith this land is frigid with a wombful of acid thus some born burnt black & the population’s crack was ordained an oracle to prophesy a miracle though objection over-ruled rolls from injustice’s bench to douse my protestations of fire in a drench i move in the spirit of mystics defying the laws of physics flying above the bullet rain lifting my people above the pain above man on man tyranny & its prejudice bad seed progeny in this revolutionary motion grenades explode the skull of Isaac newton
In Transition. (Talking Rain p17) we spin in circles of terror caught in cycles of a nightmare of judgement where the mirror of the present shows the face of error in transition when the rains come the fires die yet we are warm like lice on the pubis in love time singing cold bones in the rain of hope around the flame of red dawn in transition we whirl on our stand kicking skulls on the soccer-field & from the grandstand applause rings in blood-drops celebrating the abortion of freedom's child in transition wailing around the burning tyre we raise a sacrificial pyre songs of struggle tum quacks in the quagmire in transition we wear our hearts on the outside in t-shirt fashion trend style colourful speeches popular talk of hypocrisy by the graveside in transition
The desk is in an office the desk has a telephone the desk speaks to us the desk says that now is the time the desk has changed completely move everything to one side move it all across across to the left that’s better a little bit more that’s fine I said that’s looking good the desk re-iterates the view the desk maintains that …. the desk reaffirms its commitment to… the desk should not be criticised said a statement from the desk everybody stand still hold it hold it what’s happening something is different something has changed this is unacceptable we will not allow it keep moving move your body to the left The desk has a problem the desk is our future the desk is a joke don’t get on the wrong side of the desk will the desk be used as a platform Okay.. okay… hold it this has gone too far I’m going to have to make a statement I’m going to write it up here here on this board where is the chalk can everybody see can everybody see clearly there are only seven words in this statement remember them can you read it is it clear does anyone have any questions yes… yes… you in the glasses what’s your question does the desk have a mandate does the desk have a chair who is on the desk who is behind the desk _______________________ words: Warrick Sony
Lightweight 01:55
Guerrilla 03:37
Rapmaster 03:34
Horns_rap 31 when I’m rapmaster supreme word-bomber in the extreme I’m called subversive when I’m only creative write to fight to make a dark land bright they say I’m kinky when I’m only inky raise an objection & get a rejection from them of the hard rule that rule like a mad bull saying I’ve a mental infection should get a lead injection but they came sailing in a ship to make me bleat like a sheep now they drive up in a van to silence me with a ban for i sing of engels when I should sing with angels I rap karl marx turn them literal ducks I unleash vladimir lenin & flood them with adrenaline in a state so sick it’s unwanted by a tick I march to the poll get rushed to a kraal they shackle me like a criminal truss me up like an animal say I weave black magic to which they’re allergic but I glitter when they’re bitter rise & sing with the lark when my world is dark therefore fasten your safety-belt I’m a security threat in my lambast louder than a bomb-blast I’m a jigsaw puzzle to lock-jaw the gun muzzle more than acid i dazzle this stubborn shackle I’m mental rain falling on the brain to nourish seeds of wisdom & drown desert weeds of strydom this land’s sickness Is acute but I’m a rap-surgeon come to operate my tongue has no speed limit p54 in the Intensive care unit I’m a glittering spectacle to baffle the censor tentacle I come like a release from the repression disease my song an antibiotic against repression so myopic It takes me for russia’s appendage when I’m africa’s bandage with all labour pain i push pushing a nation through a birth-hole of a bush
Blue V's 03:29
Johannesburg 03:48
johannesburg my city paved with judas gold deceptions and lies dreams come here to die traffic flows in the sick vein of life as we tick with the eternal time-bomb of our own extinction the walk of uncertainty swaggering to disguise our staggering heart -treads we're all recession whipped into the repression machine mirrored in the glass-towers the green pastures of wealth are vaults of death nothing is secure neither politic s nor prayer can guarantee the future Joburg my ci ty here our birth is a lie we just rush to die without living just existing to keep the money belt spinning only the wise come out winning & the rest feet first as pawns of evil hand or ogre eye or else on the fringe of ou r own insanity


original 1989 cassette release plus 2 extra tracks. Album download includes scans from original 1993 Recommended Records CD cover of frame-grabs from the William Kentridge's short film "Johannesburg: Greatest City Next to Paris"


released June 12, 1990


all rights reserved



Kalahari Surfers South Africa

Warrick Sony is a South African composer, producer, musician and sound designer.
He is the founder and sole permanent member of the Kalahari Surfers. They made politically radical satirical music in 1980s South Africa.

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