Living In The Heart Of The Beast (1985)

by Kalahari Surfers



" works because it is a formal success: cut up Botha speeches and Afrikaans-speak are set against hi-life and reggae rhythms, while viciously critical (and historically intelligent) lyrics are sung over ..settings that often recall early's possible to underestimate the powerful symbolism of a record that mixes the rhetoric of white supremacy with black rhythms and thereby undercuts it." Jon Savage -
New Statesman


released December 12, 1985

from the original vinyl release
by Recommended Records
P&C Free State Music Publishing
Cape Town
South Africa

Thanks to Ivan Kadey and Lloyd Ross at Shlfty
recorded throughout 1985 onto Fostex Bl6.
thanks Chris Cutler and Recommended Records
Cover: Martine Delaharp
Back Cover Photograph: Henion Hahn
Labels : Chris Cutler
Booklet Paintings : Gary V Wyk
Album notes: Ian Kerkhof
Booklet Layout & Deslgn: Chris Gibbons except
Front Booklet Cover Collage :Warrick Sony
Vinyl Record Cut by Tim Young,


all rights reserved



Kalahari Surfers South Africa

Warrick Sony is a South African composer, producer, musician and sound designer.
He is the founder and sole permanent member of the Kalahari Surfers. They made politically radical satirical music in 1980s South Africa.

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Track Name: Grensvegter
i) Grensvegter:
some reluctant womb
spat you out amongst the weeds along the Vaal
where your forefathers
cheated natives out of every inch of land
there you plough insane
ideologies into the infant soil
hopeful of strong vines
that will contribute in beating back the bush
how long can we keep them away
so many hungry mouths
in the bush we fill them all with lead and
their bloated stomachs burst
they are buried in mass graves nobody counts
nobody talks govern mental views are always on the air
self censorship reigns
who wants to end up in an unmarked grave

ii) The Branch :
"Now we get down to the nitty-gritty you can see how important it is that all instructions are absolutely clear -
we've just got to be exactly on target, every time.
Don't forget to cover where necessary.
Here's the target area where we begin.
Don't forget to refer to the manuals in need we've just got to be exactly on target, every time.
Don't forget to cover where necessary."

iii)Hoerskool Grenswag: I'm singing in the Rain
Track Name: Europeans
found voices from South african movies:

"My God what‘s that -
I‘ve never heard anything like it
it comes on so bloody fast"
'They won't get away from "
"I ’ only me boy"
"Quiet please"
They won't get away from us
Lekker, lekker man kyk al die tierlantyntgies,
dit lyk vir my na 'n Krismus boom"
(Lovely, lovely man look at all the decorations, it looks like a Christmas tree)
Alive you did say alive d1dn't you"
there s a phone call for Jeff
"And because he's alive and beautiful
you want to kill him
there‘s a phone call for Jeff
you want to kill him
"Dit gaan 'n ongeluk wees"
(There s golng to be an accident)
Aksie' (Action)
"Because I don't get my kicks out of the destruction of
beautiful things
Like two beautiful world wars"
Have a nice lunch (mmm very)
hey, lovely evening nice sunset'
Take your pills and wash your bloody little hands before bedtime"
" look at the colours in he sky there over the guns"
Ah, beautiful mmm"
Take your pills"
’Moenie so bekomerd lyk nie, dokter"
(Don’t look so worried doctor)
'Moenie my skiet nie
ek vra jou, moenie asseblief kan nie my skiet"
(Don't shoot me, I am asking,you please, don't shoot)
'Hoekem sny jy
Asseblief Jy gaan nie my skiet, gaan Jy"
(Why did you cut -
Please, you’re not going to shoot me are you?)
Europeans (w.sony_ performed by Roger Lucy)

We come from across the sea in wooden ships our scurvy eyes scour this new land a flat topped mountain rises through mist we are europeans and claim this land searching for treasure prepared for war we march beneath a sacred cross setting up frontiers against barbarity with new weapons we beat them back their villages we burn their Gods lost their powers their women we rape the victory is ours
we are Europeans our hearts are on fire
but we can't stand the pulse of the drums at night
can't sleep with this creeping fear
what sorcery is this
how can they march to such a weird beat
movie voices:
" I'd hate to see any of them escape"
"I mean why not do it properly;finish the job off
Let's use gas ,let's bomb them
What makes you want to do it"
Track Name: Safety Seat
Safety Seat (words and voice :Christo Doherty)

Hey lady
don't take your baby
when you go driving
Down the Golden Highway
Sure lady you're doing your maid
a Christian good turn,
driving her home to her township
Down the Golden Highway
Please lady just leave your baby
safe in the suburbs
far from the townships
where the kids are massing
And the only white face they've ever seen
is behind a bullet proof screen
in the belly of a hippo
Weren't the police at the roadblocks
where they turned back the journalists with their cameras
while the shooting was on ?
but you drove right through,
baby in the safety chair
on the seat safe, beside you,
and the brick that broke that baby's pink skull,
Was it thrown by a child?
whose brother died from a bullet,
chopping wood for his mummy,
beside a cramped township box,
Down the Golden Highway,
too many stray bullets and stones
breaking through the windscreens
of our segregated lives
But lady, you're not alone in trying,
Trying to make your world a bit better
by doing some personal good turn,
driving your maid and your baby
down the Golden Highway
And we're all getting stoned
driving to that township,
Down the Golden Highway.

Drums Programmed by Brian Rath
Track Name: 1999
1999 (W. Sony)

Mutilate that poster face
if voting could change anything it would be banned
We spray paint slogans on the walls
of railway buildings in Joubert Park
Is it raining?
These walls have eyes and ears
Gentlemen in gun black suits
move in on us from the quiet corners of the city
in 1999 will we still be around
A cold wind blows through barbed wire
surrounding the old showgrounds in
Baragwanath road –
no funfair this –
the army guards all entrances
we work on minedump slimes
building them up high to form a
great divide between the city of
gold and the city of sweat.
in 1999 will we still be around?
Track Name: Township Beat
Township Beat (

Some of us work and some of us play
Somewhere in the city we make money every day
We play the games of the wealthy patrons of the state And do the clubs at night
We need to fornicate
We need to suffocate
In the lap of luxury
It is a fashionable street
We like the township beat
It's the only thing that moves our feet
This is the life of whitey in Johannesburg
Removed from reality, haven't you heard
The rolling stones are here
They're throwing stones out there
Some of us work and some of us play
But some of us have to live with police every day
They do the township beat
They keep them running in the street
Even the little ones have got no
shoes upon their feet
And the police beat
This is no fashionable street
They like the township beat
It's the only thing that moves the feet
Rise up people and seize the day
And the news crews are there
For the violent fair
They take their chances with the teargas
Advances of police
they run for shelter
It's a helter skelter
The SABC transmit it through their satellite
No one spots the irony
It must have quite a bite for
the government man
Who does not understand that the people overseas They watch all this with ease on their television

They see the teargas falling from the heavens above The people run for cover from a mighty armoured glove They use their clubs at night On the poor man, the children, the beggar man, thief, the liar, and the cheater and the African chief
Rise up people and seize the day.

Drums: Ian Herman
Track Name: Reasonable Men
Reasonable Men may be necessary in certain prevailing conditions to declare that a particular curfew will prevail in a particular time to a particular time movement will be restricted.
"I call on all well meaning and reasonable South Africans to take hands in these times and to stand together to restore order and peace; I wish to give assurance that law-abiding people have nothing to fear as from midnight today
movement will be restricted /
nothing to fear in a particular area
The government has shown utmost patience
especially in black townships
It is the duty of the Government to ensure that a normal community life can no longer be tolerated however, I cannot ignore the insistence of all responsible South Africans who ask that those persons and institutions that cause or propagate disruption
be terminated as soon as this is justified by local conditions -
movement will be restricted
in closing - again
in closing -
I just want to say that
South Africa has the ability to rise above pettiness (government people)
and violence
(development board officials)
I call upon all well meaning and reasonable South Africans to take hands in these times
(just by way of hypothesis)
and to stand together to restore order and peace
(in other words)
in order that we can work in the interests of
peace and prosperity
(after it has been properly promulgated
and built into this law)
in the interests of peace and prosperity
(just by way of hypothesis) for all in the country
(the law, this particular law, makes provision for certain offences and it does not make provision that a person can shot on sight at all, nowhere is that provision built into this law so that if offences are committed a duty again prevails where the forces must arrest that person and bring them before a properly consituted court).
Track Name: Play It Backwards
Play It Backwards
(Play it backwards)
We are exposed to this music -
we can‘t get away from it (Play it backwards)
and it is having an effect on those who are listening to it
which actually is the hidden message
revealed when a record is played backwards
How is it possible for lyrics to have an impact on the individual (Play it backwards)
now, you hear these lyrics,
they are then programmed into the subconscious mind, and if you accept these values or principles that are brought forth in the lyrics, this is going to then determine how you are going to evaluate the world.
Ok I'm coping quite well,
try this as an escape-route
immediately then this information
is offered up to my mind
I still like music but I dedicated my life to Christ
I stopped everything after that
(the hidden message )
I'm having the same problem.

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