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hilbert Have to admit this was my first introduction to Kalahari Surfers Favorite track: The Secrecy Of Science.


Front cover features the painted bronze sculpture "Bubble Head: Shortpants" by Brett Murray from his "White Like Me" exhibition.

extensive 10 page CD booklet included in album download. Designed by Simon Dunkley.

originally put out by "African Dope"


released January 6, 2003

recorded at Milestone Studios

Xhosa vocals : Zukile Malahlana
Piano: Murray Anderson
Vocals and poem on Durgas Belt: Lesego Rampolokeng
sample on "What have they Done To Me?" from "Shela" by Samuel Singo courtesy Gallo Records
Sitar on "Secrecy of Silence": Jaya Lakshmi
Tabla: Chaitanya Charanadas
Slow Speed features Brother Sjambok of "Die Vos Broers"
Clarinet on Slow Speed: Joelle Chesselet
Operatic voice on Coptic:Juliana Venter
Herdsman was originally recorded fro "Ochre and Water" a movie by Doxa Productions Himba samples used by permission.
Faust was originally recorded for the Handspring/ William Kentridge production of "Faustus in Afrika"
melody written by James Phillips
vocal by Jennifer Ferguson
words by Goethe


all rights reserved



Kalahari Surfers South Africa

Warrick Sony is a South African composer, producer, musician and sound designer.
He is the founder and sole permanent member of the Kalahari Surfers. They made politically radical satirical music in 1980s South Africa.

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Track Name: The Generals Walk Free
the generals walk free :

no-one knows what happened
in the street the other day
who drove the white toyota
who looked the other way
gunmen target unity
the state machinery
secret operatives the killing still goes on
Now we have a general amnesty and all the Generals will walk free

Golden handshake for the man
who took the heat
Killed 100 innocents
killed them in their sleep
We thought he’d sit for life
Thought they throw away
He’s living now in luxury in a mansion by the sea
Now we have a general amnesty and all the Generals will walk free

Big men from the government are talking to the press
In the spirit of compromise in the shadow of death
Victims, truth and evidence are casualties of war
Camouflaged in confusion
incognito, in transit
Now we have a general amnesty and all the Generals will walk free
Track Name: Versatile Flying Options
found voices: "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard South African Airways Flight SA 664 to Port Elizabeth (returning for food) in preparation for take off please ensure that your seatbelt is fastened and that your seatback is in an upright position"
"going away .... with the weapons inspector"
"thank you for your attention and we wish you all a pleasant flight."
Track Name: You're Breaking Up (Press The Hash Key)
lyrics: W.Sony

you are breaking up..
More difficult to see..
Move closer to the source ..
Of the energy
I'm getting distorted points of view...
A flickering screen..
An expanse, of blue
Try again later..
When the traffic has died
When it is safe to put up a signal outside.
You are breaking up...
And there is nothing i can do
gonna rest a while
before you come through

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