Own Affairs (1984)

by Kalahari Surfers



The first full length Kalahari Surfers album. Completed in summer of 1984 it was taken to EMI to press but rejected by the cutting engineer as being "political, pornographic and anti religious". Chris Cutler at Recommended Records took up the challenge and released the album through his label (www.rermegacorp.com). Thanks to Tibor Tokay for the liner notes and insert that come with the download.


released December 12, 1984

musicians featured :
Warrick Sony: concept guitars bass grooves, programmes, voice
Hamish Davidson: guitars , keyboards, odds and ends,
Rick Van Heerden: saxophone
Anne Botha : voice
Brian Rath: drums


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Kalahari Surfers South Africa

Warrick Sony is a South African composer, producer, musician and sound designer.
He is the founder and sole permanent member of the Kalahari Surfers. They made politically radical satirical music in 1980s South Africa.

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Track Name: Free State Fence
Free State Fence

And the carrot stared puffy eyed orange
at the sun beating down a thirsty retreat
Sucking dust from the land
Where we nailed alive mongoose to a Free State Fence in the hope of rain
Our dominee danced with beer in belly
his battered rooster laugh
echoing through the valley
We stared puffy eyed smoking cowdung rolled in pages from his bible.
Carrot burning mongoose bite on his neck
Swelling blue
Fingers excite in trembling caress as they nurse the seed from his groin
To wet the land
Thank God that it rained on a Free state Fence
Track Name: Hillbrow 1
this boy seldom functions without
some chemical alteration to his nervous system
he seems so H.A.P.P.Y
pushing needles into skin
pills to swallow wash them down
white pipe weekend lethargy
dissolved city speed at night

this boy
he sells powders and herbs
white witchdoctor medicine
takes the edge of working days
mental pleasure pressure cruise

(various bad dream voices
including girls in Venda and seedy white guy)

luxurious indulgences
of the wealthy classes
lead to serious physiological disorders:
plastic membranes brain disease
costly surgical implants

pushing needles into skin
pills to swallow wash them down
white pipe weekend lethargy
dissolved city speed at night

(dub ish bit)
voices from "Squad Cars" a radio serial featuring real crime events dramatised:

"what the hell
hold it right there
you never can be too sure
ja I know what you mean
Its pitch dark in here
living with crime and violence
protect the people of South Africa"
Track Name: Hillbrow 2
hands move across things
to get at the
Track Name: Independence Day
its independence day
the south african way
you get a casino
and armed bandits
a national force
coca cola for the masses
and dirty movies
for the business men
who've come to help you
build your nation
they've come to help you
build your nation

its independence day
an architects dream
houses of parliament
for the new rascist regime
palace for the president
ministers homes
mud huts for the laymen
they build their own

donkey meat cooks
with the Sun City* pose
Its stinks so bad
the world holds it's nose

* Controversial casino built to reinforce the concept of the system of own government. (homelands) It was the main inspiration behind a protest movement. See below

Track Name: Don't Dance
ok people get up off your feet
its time to move to a different beat
we don't like the way they're running
our days
and nights
our lives are out of phase
we're black white separated
right from birth indoctrinated
years and years developed apart
brainwashed each in the name of god
lets re-educate ourselves
lets de-educate ourselves
hey white boy get your feet off the floor
god gave you legs to march to war
your leaders want you in a sporting affair
so put on your boots and cut your hair
don't talk back
or stop to think
when you're in Angola you can have a drink
obey obey
they know the way
from here you go to SWA
where they don't dance
when facing such hostility
Don't dance
the SAP
are there to see that we all enjoy democracy
don't dance
when facing such hostility
Don't dance
Track Name: September 84
something on page 3
caught my eye
small print
37 die
in township unrest
police use teargas and bullets
small news this
the headlines celebrate
the birth of British royalty

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