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Some of the songs here were written during 2011, the year of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, ( 26 April ) and some of these are new songs written in response to the recent book by Adam Higginbotham titled: "Midnight in Chernobyl: The Untold Story of the World's Greatest Nuclear Disaster". The Kalahari Surfers have had an affinity to the Russian people after touring there in 1989. During this period we were profoundly influenced by the political upheavals there and in the entire communist bloc. These events rapidly lead to the collapse of the entire system towards the end of 1991 and, only recently, we have realised that much of this was due to the events which happened at Chernobyl three years prior. The HBO series "Chernobyl" brought these memories sharply into focus and particularly the vivid depiction of govern/mental fuckheadedness that is still prevalent in many parts of the world. As we write, this same fuckheadedness is pushing the planet towards, not only another catastrophic war but also, an environmental disaster of unprecedented impact. The totalitarian bureaucracy of the Soviet Union was exposed by Chernobyl for its callous disregard for the lives of all of its people. Through these events we have witnessed, in our own country, the same Leninist disregard for the 'people' in relation to events leading to the Life Isidemeni murders, Marikana miners disaster and the corruption and looting being revealed in the current (2019) State Capture hearings.



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Kalahari Surfers South Africa

Warrick Sony is a South African composer, producer, musician and sound designer.
He is the founder and sole permanent member of the Kalahari Surfers. They made politically radical satirical music in 1980s South Africa.

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Track Name: Reactor Number 4
some damage was sustained by Reactor Number 4
moving up the food chain
Track Name: Human wrongs
Human Wrongs (Chernobyl 25th Anniversary) W.Sony

Radiation is good for you
The soldiers joked
At the roadblock
Chewing on bread
Made from
Ukrainian wheat
Facing the sun
Warm rays
As they pose
For a photograph
She’s another the tourist
Fine powdered dust
On the piano
On the children’s toys
In the ground water
In the stillness of the lake
To be a human right
Or to be a human wrong
We move into the light
And then we are gone
And the charges against them
will not be withdrawn

they believe
all the green grass was burned
and the trees turned red
in the prophesy
of the fallen star
from the heavens
a great mountain of fire
burns like a lantern
on the rivers and the sea
and the angel says
“woe to the inhabiters of the earth”
To be a human right
Or to be a human wrong
We move into the light
And then we are gone
And the Charges Against them
will not be withdrawn

Her camera comes loose
Falls down the stairs
Where the families had rushed
No time to pack
Orders to leave
and the soldiers never smiled
at the roadblocks wearing gas masks
a third part of the sun
was covered by the clouds
from AGITPROP, released May 1, 2012
Vocals: Juliana Venter
Bass Clarinet: Nic Paton

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