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when I’m rapmaster supreme word-bomber in the extreme I’m called subversive when I’m only creative write to fight to make a dark land bright they say I’m kinky when I’m only inky raise an objection & get a rejection from them of the hard rule that rule like a mad bull saying I’ve a mental infection should get a lead injection but they came sailing in a ship to make me bleat like a sheep now they drive up in a van to silence me with a ban for i sing of engels when I should sing with angels I rap karl marx turn them literal ducks

I unleash vladimir lenin & flood them with adrenaline in a state so sick it’s unwanted by a tick I march to the poll get rushed to a kraal they shackle me like a criminal truss me up like an animal say I weave black magic to which they’re allergic but I glitter when they’re bitter rise & sing with the lark when my world is dark therefore fasten your safety-belt I’m a security threat in my lambast louder than a bomb-blast I’m a jigsaw puzzle to lock-jaw the gun muzzle more than acid i dazzle this stubborn shackle I’m mental rain falling on the brain to nourish seeds of wisdom & drown desert weeds of strydom this land’s sickness Is acute but I’m a rap-surgeon come to operate my tongue has no speed limit
in the Intensive care unit I’m a glittering spectacle to baffle the censor tentacle I come like a release from the repression disease my song an antibiotic against repression so myopic It takes me for russia’s appendage when I’m africa’s bandage with all labour pain i push pushing a nation through a birth-hole of a bush


from End Beginnings, released June 12, 1990


all rights reserved



Kalahari Surfers South Africa

Warrick Sony is a South African composer, producer, musician and sound designer.
He is the founder and sole permanent member of the Kalahari Surfers. They made politically radical satirical music in 1980s South Africa.

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