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Riddim, Rime, Reason
Listen   at the lectern the great mortician
At the Morgue   parliament’s death-smell we choke
Fortune to disembark the ghost-trains graveyard shuttle
Back-bench cannon-shell putrescent hymns  
                         expediency’s rhetoric accompaniment
Multiple Satan rings across limbo-land sliding in the bog
Formaldehyde promises the nation’s hide to embalm
Still Transition phase   space between butchery & mortuary
one more page to one’s fate
Nothing divine in destiny manifest
Salvaged from Fires of Empire
Christian artillery bombardment
Cosmetic-sutures Cease & Desist
But rally/ Raleigh  calls for ‘savage native’ decimation for peace
Holocaust a concept European owned
Got truth to re-write   / unwrite
                               genocide off the dark continent
Build a lie-monument
Blood-paths we
           travelled/covered map your guilt’s extent
Barbarous transgressions    no conscience
from hospitality abuse to slavery reserve use
‘what it has to do with me’  brigade’s feigned ignorance
       Malnutrition sown designed disease planted
        extinguishing new life fire drowning babies in slime
     meantime playing victim-innocence on the manhunt
(forgive the unrepentant & you fit their definition of you :
yours the sub-human species’ view)
Mista & missus avaricious descendants
Of scurvied paleness
Which From open  arms of welcome
took greedy advantage
Rape & pillage driven Khoisan-extinction powered
Cowed & coward-led excursions to the interior
Inhumanity courses through rotten veins
Self-delusion’s no bounds
Bow down & give salutation
Loud profane self-love turned narcissistic
Still label original human animal
Sacred this skin-tone
Still god-proudly enough not to oppress
Show gratitude you still allowed to exist
Fear eternal  afraid to death living in palpitation endless
                 Deluded  sense of self makes it hard to breathe

Riddim, Rime, Reason
I am primed

Not endearing ourselves
But commandeering the Casspir
Evil power vehicle annihilation inspired
Off the military shelf
Throttle up
We’re going into battle, buttercup
dead from the neck up
noxious talk endangered spasmodic work
Sick tongue muscle move
Crab-like sideways speak
The horse is dead
the carriage broken
corruption jumped on the rand wagon
200 bloody years
A tear flood
Wheel it back to 1652
All that black meat to chew
Muzzle up the Alsatians
Puzzle out the politics
What settlement
Outside the court of public opinion
 Riddim, Rime, Reason
I am primed

Your preacher’s investments
A murder investment
Culprit with The WORD to kill by
Head-severance for religious retirement
Vasco da Gama
To Obama and beyond
a chump-card
They played
While we prayed,
 hard til the knee-caps turned backward
Priest is Narcissist
Sticks his own balls Up his butthole  he’s that fantasist
Failing that turns pederast
That’s not in the past
History a trail of blood in semen to the present
Opposite meteorites
Shooting out dick-wads  
In pedagogy of subjugation
Atomic waste matter
Brain/senses clogged up to irrelevance
                        Riddim   Rhyme  Reason I’m primed
Ticking down to detonation
Snitches for god  Jehovah’s mercenaries
Inquisition time   Now who’s bestial
Van Riebeeck broken backs
Laid out like railway tracks
Legacy of bodies on conveyor belts
Memories burning hot enough to make eyeballs melt.
Riddim   Rhyme  Reason I’m primed


from Babylon Mission Report, released July 12, 2021


all rights reserved



Kalahari Surfers South Africa

Warrick Sony is a South African composer, producer, musician and sound designer.
He is the founder and sole permanent member of the Kalahari Surfers. They made politically radical satirical music in 1980s South Africa.

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